Financial Aid

The Missionary Baptist Seminary does not participate in state or federal government financial aid programs. The seminary is a faith ministry of Antioch Baptist Church. The operation of the school is supported by the contributions of interested individuals and churches. Student registration fees and tuition cover only a small percentage of the general expenses of the seminary. Cost to the student is kept at a minimum as an act of Christian service. The Missionary Baptist Seminary is approvedas a nonprofit charitable religious educational institution under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The seminary will help with planned giving arrangements provided under the current federal tax laws. Thoughtful supporters of the seminary have made provision for this ministry of Christian education by naming the Missionary Baptist Seminary and Institute in their wills.

American Baptist Association (ABA) Scholarship A student who has been a member for at leastone year of a supporting American Baptist Association Church may receive a scholarship in the amount of his tuition. Recipients are also eligible for subsidized housing. A student must qualify for the ABA scholarship to be eligible for any other scholarships or awards. The scholarship award ceases on the date the student is no longer a member of an ABA church. There are some non ABA scholarshipsavailable. These are based on merit and scholarship and need. 

Honors Scholarships The student in each year classification who earns the highest cumulative grade point average at the end of each school year may be awarded an honor’s scholarship for the following school year. The scholarship will help the student with expenses while attending the seminary. The student must meet the hour requirements for each year and must enroll for the next term. If the student withdraws before the end of the term, the scholarship will be forfeited.