Application Process: If you plan to become a student of Missionary Baptist Seminary within the next 12 months, please complete the application for admission and submit via email to the Admissions Office. You may also contact the Admissions Office to request that we mail you an Application for Admission. Former students of Missionary Baptist Seminary can be re-admitted. Those who have not attended within the past three years will have to apply as a new student. Within a three-year time period from previous enrollment at Missionary Baptist Seminary, former students may be re- admitted through the Admissions Office.

Admission Requirements:  Applicants for admission to the Missionary Baptist Seminary are evaluated regarding personal moral character and compatibility with the purpose and philosophy of the seminary. The seminary was founded to train pastors, missionaries, and other church workers. Emphasis is placed upon teaching Bible knowledge, Bible study skills and related ministry applications. Only those desiring this specialized training should apply for admission. Sincerity of commitment to the ideals of Christian lifestyle and service is expected of all students. Submission to the doctrinal teachings of the seminary and Antioch Baptist Church is required. Admission is a privilege to be given and not a right to be demanded. If disagreement exists concerning the doctrinal statement, the applicant will provide a written statement of said disagreement. Although not required for admission, a high school diploma or equivalent is required for graduation. 

Students transferring from member schools of the American Baptist Association of Theological Schools may receive credit for applicable work completed, if an official transcript of the work is presented and that the grade is "B" or above. Credit for courses will be granted at the discretion of the Administration. The courses transferred must meet the equivalence of the courses offered by the seminary. All transfer credit approval must be documented by the office of the Dean of Students. Admission to one program of study does not constitute admission to any other program. Application must be made and all requirements met.