The Missionary Baptist Seminary exists to train workers for the cause of Christ through His churches. While we seek to accomplish this goal, we promise to the student an atmosphere of christian love and fellowship. In return, we ask from the student: devotion to Christ, diligence in studies, and dedication to service.

We have absolute confidence in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We believe it is able to make wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, and that it is able to thoroughly equip the child of God for every good work. The Missionary Baptist Seminary is a Bible school. The Bible is taught reverently to increase the student's skills in Christian ministry. We believe the student has not learned until he or she possesses a Christ-like spirit.

Messages from the Seminary

In light of the events in the Middle East, The topic for this year's Spring Lectures is, Israel in the Spotlight. The Missionary Baptist Seminary has prepared an esteemed panel of speakers for this lecture series. President, Dr. Roger Copeland, would like to invite you to the Spring Lectures of 2024 that will be held at the Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock on January 22, 2024. Please enjoy!