The History of the Seminary The vision and desire to provide ministers of the gospel with a sound theological education, was foremost on the mind of Dr. Conrad N. Glover as he witnessed the closing of the Missionary Baptist College in Sheridan, Arkansas in May of 1934. It was at this time he, with the collaboration of Dr. Ben M. Bogard and Dr. J. Louis Guthrie, began forming the outline for a plan that been on the heart and prayers of Dr. Glover for two years prior to the closing of the Missionary Baptist College which had fallen victim to changing times and the economic woes of the Great Depression. It was through this combined effort, that a replacement seminary would be established based in Little Rock, Arkansas, that would now be known as the Missionary Baptist Seminary. In September of 1934, the Missionary Baptist Seminary was started out of the Antioch Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, which elected Dr. Conrad N. Glover as school president, Dr. J. Louis Guthrie as vice president, Dr. Ben M. Bogard (the current pastor of Antioch Baptist at that time) as Dean, and a board of trustees composed of separate members. All three men sharing the same divinely inspired heart and vision for the school, quickly led to a successful and rapidly growing seminary leading young ministers in the sound teaching of God's Word. In May of 1979, the Missionary Baptist Seminary relocated the school to its new building and current location, where it still resides today, successfuly striving to fulfill the same purpose for which its founders intended: to provide a sound Bible based education for the spread of the gospel, and the furtherance of God's kingdom work.